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3 Most Common Types of Infusion Centers

Posted by Mark Huizenga on Tue, Jun 28, 2011 @ 10:34 PM

Many people follow the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and see that there are many new biologic drugs on the horizon. Naturally, where there is an opportunity for growth the assumption of profit draws in a greater audience. 3 of the most common locations for providing infusion therapy are as follows..

1. Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) This is the traditional location that drugs have been infused, and are often comingled with chemotherapy, blood transfusions, biologics and fluids for rehydration.

2) Physician Specialist / Sub-specialist practice infusion centers. As monoclonal antibodies appeared in the market, certain segments such as Rheumatologist or Gastroenterologist infused biologic drugs such as Remicade

3) As more biologic drugs are infused the development of free standing ambulatory infusion centers are growing. These centers essentially operate as a physician office, yet are actually delivering care / services on behalf of their referring physician customers.The "Place of Service" defines how a practice or hospital will bill for these services. We can help you navigate through this complex process and learn more about the types of infusion, products infused and what you need to develop a sustainable model. Want to learn how you can learn more about developing an ambulatory infusion center, improve your hospital outpatient department or extend the growth of your practice infusion center?

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